Introducing Liberty Lexington

Dear Reader,

Through my studies, I’ve come across countless records of crimes that governments across the region of Eurasia have committed against their own people. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Eurasia continues to be a hotbed for human rights abuses that are so often overlooked in the West. With the huge amounts of information being consumed every day, it’s difficult for the news of tragedies halfway around the world to reach our screens. 

Liberty Lexington was created with this in mind. Our goal is to make information about human rights abuses in Eurasia more readily available for people who, frankly, don’t have the time to do the research on their own time. Liberty Lexington aspires to readily provide this information in a succinct fashion – around 300 words per article – so as to not interfere with busy schedules. Democracy and good governance only survive through an enlightened citizenry, and we believe that Liberty Lexington’s succinct and efficient formula allows for people to become more aware of the world around them while staying on schedule. 

Liberty Lexington has another goal specific to Washington and Lee as well. W&L has a rich history of students graduating and pursuing illustrious careers in finance. The quickly-developing economies across Eurasia suggest that these countries will emerge as much more significant players in international trade and finance in the years to come, and Liberty Lexington aims to inform future financial leaders of the humanitarian crises taking place in Eurasia during their time at W&L. Ideally, these financial leaders, informed of the atrocities occurring in these countries, will be able to use their financial leverage to demand accountability from these governments. We hope that one day, W&L alumni (and in turn, Washington and Lee University) will be seen as leaders in the fight for human rights across the globe.

Nick Mosher


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